Frequently Asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Why The Locs Creator?

The Locs Creator offer 100% crochet loc extensions that will blend with seamlessly with naturally grown locs. All The Locs Creato Loc Extensions are handmade using a small crochet needle, with no chemicals or products. This technique which makes them very lightweight and gives them the most natural appearance. The hair that is used for the creation of locs, repairs etc, can be coloured, styled and washed as regular locs. DayJah - The Loc Creator gives clients the versatility that is needed throughout their loc journey and gives hairstylists the satisfaction of creating perfect locs.

What are your Loc Sizes?

Size: Extra-small Exact circumference (inches): 0.4 inches Comparable to: Straw Size: Small Exact circumference (inches): 0.6 inches Comparable to: #2 pencil Size: Medium Exact circumference (inches): 0.8 inches Comparable to: Slightly thicker than a pen Size: Large Exact circumference (inches): 1.2 inches Comparable to:Slightly thicker than a Sharpie

Are your Loc extensions made with Human Hair?

Yes our loc extensions for our our Human Hair Collection are made with 100% Afro Kinky Human Hair. We do have other lines that are made with synthetic hair. Both hair types are made with great quality hair and will last the test of time.

How many Locs come in a bundle?

20 unless a custom order is made.

Can I attach the Loc Extensions temporarily or do they have to be permanently attached?

Loc extensions can be added permanently or temporarily depending on the technique you use to attach them. We recommend purchasing synthetic loc extensions if you want to attach them temporarily, and the human hair loc for permanent attachment. Both hair types can be reused once taken out.

I already have Locs, how do I know which size will match my Locs?

Refer to our “Purchasing Help” page to get sizing answers. Also take into consideration that you may have different size locs throughout your head, so you may need to order different size locs to match as closely as possible.

How do I install Loc Extensions?

We recommend using the crochet technique to attach your loose natural hair or locs to The Locs Creator Loc Extension. They can also be attached using a combination of a braiding & wrapping technique. WE do NOT recommend using any glue or thread to install.

Can I bleach or color The Locs Creator Loc Extensions?

Just like coloring locs or natural hair, bleaching or using color with harsh chemicals may weaken the hair shaft and potentially alter the texture and integrity of the The Locs Creator loc extensions. We do NOT recommend bleaching The Locs Creator, and lifting the locs with high volumes of developer will more than likely compromise the strength, texture, & integrity of the of The Locs Creator Loc extensions. The Locs Creator is not responsible for any damage of hair quality or texture as a result of color processing.

How long will The Locs Creator loc extensions last?

Our Loc Extensions can last anywhere from 2-5 years with proper maintenance. They will need touchups on weak points, which can be a result of natural wear and tear, styling and over manipulation.

Can I put conditioner on The Locs Creator when I shampoo my Locs?

We do not recommend using conditioner on the install points for the first 6 months after initial install. This can cause slippage. Once your hair has properly loced to the The Locs Creator Loc extensions, you can use conditioner.

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