Our Locs Story

Khadija Melanie Peters, started the name ‘The Locs Creator’ years ago when she was doing just that, creating locs within her own home. Back then in 2009, she didn’t view this as a business but more as an experiment to see how she could have locs of her own without starting off with the - as her local vernacular states - “pickey head” stage. Eventually the popularity grew and the stigma behind having “fake locs” within her country (Trinidad & Tobago) grew less. Ms. Peters developed her brand across social media platforms and decided that it was time to let this bird soar.  Also, as a single mother, Khadija wanted to leave behind a legacy for her daughter that would be passed on as the generations did.

The Locs Creator opened their first hair salon in 2015; it was a major success and the demand grew exponentially. The trend of dreadlock extensions grew nationwide and Ms. Peters decided that education was needed on the trend that was spreading throughout her country. So she held biannual workshops and educated both fellow hairdressers and clients on how to create extensions, attach, repair locs and so on.

The Locs Creator experimented with every type of store branded hair there was on the market for years, until she sourced a manufacturer who designed the hair to suit the needs of her craft. This is where the start of the now branded, DayJah hair by T.L.C., started. The hair that is used for the creation of locs, repairs etc, can be coloured, styled and washed as regular locs. DayJah - The Loc Creator gives clients the versatility that is needed throughout their loc journey and gives hairstylists the satisfaction of creating perfect locs.

Khadija Peters - Owner, The Locs Creator

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